We are committed to producing sustainable solutions for our clients that adhere to the highest social and environmental standards.

Sustainable Design

Specifically developed for the P-O-P industry, we are proud to be licensed with POPAI’s eco-design indicator ‘Sustain’. The tool lets you simultaneously measure up to six versions of a project and discover their environmental impacts – so you can adjust your designs for optimum results.

We can help you to measure: –

  • Design
  • Materials & processes
  • Supply chain
  • Delivery logistics
  • End of life

Sustainable Production

  • Environmental management system– our environmental management system minimises the impact of our own production processes.
  • Developer fluid– we have eliminated the use of developer fluid and our business now uses only chemistry-free printing plates.
  • Alcohol usage- we are committed to using zero or very low alcohol usage in order to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Energy- we conserve the energy used in our manufacturing operations.
  • Waste- we minimise waste in our production and packaging operations and we recycle all appropriate waste such as paper, card, ink cartridges, metals and plastics.

Sustainable Materials

  • Forests– we only use paper and card that has come from well managed forests and/ or recycled sources.
  • Timber Regulations– we work with a due diligence system and fully adhere to EU Timber Regulations (EU 995/2010).
  • Sustainable substitutions- we are committed to offering our clients sustainable alternatives, such as cardboard engineering as an alternative to acrylic fabrication, where appropriate.
  • CRS- we are constantly striving towards producing Compostable, Recyclable & Sustainable products.

Sustainable Supply Chain

  • UK in-house production– all of our services are carried out in-house at our 35,000 sq ft Greater London site.
  • Suppliers- the majority of our suppliers have, as a minimum, achieved ISO 14001 accreditation, with some being instrumental in developing and pioneering techniques that set the standard for our industry’s environmental capabilities.
  • Modern Slavery Act 2015- we have a zero tolerance to slavery and human trafficking, and we expect all those in our supply chain to comply with our values.           


  • Quality Management ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management ISO 14001
  • Data Management ISO 27001
  • FSC® Chain of Custody Certifications
  • Fogra 39

Sustainability Policies

  • Carbon Reduction Policy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • EU Timber Regulations Policy
  • Modern Day Slavery Act 2015 Policy

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