Colouration joins #CopraLive!

We are delighted to announce that Tony Dennington, MD of Colouration and the #PositivePrintGroup, will be discussing ‘Brighter days in beauty’ as part of the #CopraLive series.

Tune in and join the conversation on Mon 25 May @5pm via

Tony Dennington

As we look forward to brighter days, the importance of keeping the cosmetics and perfumery industry informed, educated and connected is now more prominent than ever.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Copra, as well as the likes of the Evening Standard, Sheridan&Co, Molton Brown and Dermalogica, to bring you genuinely helpful insights through the #CopraLive series.

Copra Live Schedule

Brighter Days

Insights from the best in the beauty biz as we focus on the opportunities that come with current and future challenges. This series aims to keep us reactive, adaptable and resilient to thrive through change. 5 pm every Monday.


Mindful Mornings

Sharron Lowe will be keeping your mental wellbeing at the forefront of your priority list for 10mins at 10 am every Wednesday.


How can I Help?

We must rally together, as an industry, now more than ever.  From Mental Health Week with Clair Rose to a variety of familiar faces from Look Good Feel Better we will be looking at how beauty and cosmetics companies can continue to change the world.  Every Thursday at 5 pm.


2020 Finalists

And last, but certainly not least, Copra will be announcing their 2020 finalists at the start of June LIVE on Instagram.


Ready to work with us?

To get your business ready for brighter days contact:

Tony Dennington, Managing Director, Colouration

020 8946 4466