Prada never fails to excite the industry with its innovative fragrance collections, renowned for maintaining an elegant, minimalist chic aesthetic.  Colouration has helped to extend this look in-store with the design, production and installation of bespoke promotional sites and impactful point of sale.

Chic, bespoke promotional site produced for Prada, featuring product plinths, counter display units and large lightbox graphics
Promotional Site - Prada Luna Rossa
Interactive Promotional Site for Prada Luna Rossa
Interactive Promotional Site - Prada Luna Rossa
Sleek acrylic counter tester units for Prada
Counter Tester Unit - Prada Luna Rossa
Fully clad Boots Tods for Prada's Luna Rossa and Candy Kiss fragrances
Boots Tod with Full Clad - Prada Luna Rossa and Prada Candy Kiss
A Prada Candy Kiss Boots Tod
Boots Tod - Prada Candy Kiss
Close up of products on the Boots Tod
Boots Tod (Close Up) - Prada Candy Kiss